Human Factors Training Solutions (HFTS) was founded in 2008 and has pioneered online human factors aviation training in Australia. Operators quickly recognized the advantages of being able to schedule training for a time and place that suited their organisation.

Today, HFTS services more than 110 airlines, flying schools, charter operators, freight companies, security companies and approved maintenance organisations around Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our courses, which provide training for people in a diverse range of duties, have been developed by qualified and experienced staff in line with CASA regulations and European Aviation Safety Agency guiding principles.

Our experienced team qualifications include Masters in Aviation Management (Newcastle University), Bachelor of Economics (University of Sydney). Bachelor of Education (University of Sydney), Graduate Diploma of Education, Commercial Pilot Licence, ATPL Theory, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training



1 Worthwhile
4 Interesting
2 Practical
3 Relevant
5 Easy

Training Was Worthwhile

From Pilots

  • The course was interesting and informative.
  • I enjoyed the material that was presented and have learnt new things and will commit them to memory.
  • Nice to learn in a relaxed simple no pressured manner. Thanks for Australian voice.
  • Well presented and thought provoking. It was great as usual.
  • Case studies were great. Overall good content, engaging for the user.

From Engineers

  • The real examples are very good to relate to our own situations.
  • One of the more focused and relevant HF training that I have done in my career. Well Done.
  • Thank you for the course. I have been an Engineer for 52 years and still learning.
  • Actual and relevant case studies were used to drive home the point. Enjoyed the last module!
  • It was refreshing to have industry relevant content. Many analogies and behaviours are easily relatable.

From Ground Crew

  • Very good, well produced and easy to understand. Informative, enjoyable!
  • Better than previous training thanks.
  • Very good, well produced and easy to understand. Informative, enjoyable!
  • Look before you leap and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Content was particularly relevant.
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