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About HFTS

Human Factors Training Solutions Pty Ltd (HFTS) was specifically established to provide human factors training to the aviation industry.

Our courses have been developed by qualified and experienced staff in line with CASA regulations and European Aviation Safety Agency guiding principles.

The HFTS programs meet acceptable means of compliance for CAO 82 3/5, CASR Part 145 and CASR Part 119 human factors and non-technical skills training.

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Our Milestones

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Number of Students Trained

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What is Human Factors Training?

The study of human factors is about the understanding of human behaviour and the interaction between people and systems. In aviation, human factors training aims to optimise cognitive performance and improve safety.

Initial and refresher programs for Fixed Wing Pilots, Rotary Wing Pilots, Maintenance Engineers, Ground Staff, Cabin Crew, Instructors, Security Personnel and Management.

Individual programs for Fatigue Management, Incident Investigation, Command Upgrade, Supervision, and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

About HFTS


Why Trainees
like HFTS training

  • Courses are based on latest research and best practice
  • Refresher courses are rewritten annually
  • Training strategies are practical and worthwhile.
  • Interactive modules draw on participants’ experiences
  • Customised modules based on actual workplace incidents
  • Program is easy to use.
  • 24/7 access to training via mobile or desktop devices


Why Safety Managers
like HFTS training

  • Incidents and accidents within the company are analysed and fed back into training via customised modules.
  • Training can be scheduled around the operational needs of the company.
  • Full record-keeping functionality within LMS
  • Company employees enjoy the training.
  • HFTS provides full and immediate IT support.


Why CEO’s
like HFTS training

  • Helps employees reduce errors.
  • Excellent value at a low cost.
  • An uncomplicated solution to regulatory compliance.
  • Experienced Human Factors experts design and deliver the programs.
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